Episodes 14 and 18 - 20 are in English.
Cycle trails 020 – Zdar Hills
Wide valleys and narrow ridges, this is the beautiful landscape of Zdar Hills. Cyclists can try singletracks in Nove Mesto na Morave or ride through narrow footpaths through dense forests. Mountainiers are doing a series of "eighthundreds" - Devet skal, Ctyri palice, Dratenicky and other rocks. The ruins of medieval castles await tourists and there is so much mushrooms that you can collect them directly from the bikes.
Cycle trails 019 – Džbán (Jug)
The abandoned landscape northwest of Prague reminds of the Lost World with table-topped mountains. The dinosaurs do not live here, but the trace of prehistoric people has been found in this region. From the older stone age comes the finding of a stone chopper from Mutějovice, the unknown age are Nečice and Kounov stone rows. And cyclists do not touch a living soul in dense forests all day long.
Cycle trails 018 – Javorníky Mountains 2
After the hard climb up to Javorníky ridge, the blueberries dumplings from Kohútka will add the power to exhausted cyclists. There are beautiful views from the ridge singletrack to Vsetín and Moravia-Silesian Beskydy, Sůlovské and Strážovské Hills, Little Fatra and Kysuce Highlands. Despite the fact that you will not even encounter wolves or bears, the journey can be adventurous. When a storm suddenly comes.
Cycle trails 017 – Javorníky Mountains 1
Wallachia is the kingdom of bikers. You can cycle everywhere even throughh nature reserves. Some marked cycle routes are so difficult that only Wallachian bikers can handle them. Biking along the ridge of the Javorníky Mountains is a bit more difficult, but the reward for the effort is the beautiful view of the neighboring mountains. At the end of the journey the excellent blueberry dumplings are waiting for you.
Cycle trails 016 – Křivoklát Highlands
Where the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area extends today, the trees of the Royal Forest, which was a chase of the Premyslids, grew for centuries. According to the royal decree, dating back to the 19th century, a single tree was not permitted to cut here. From the dense forests, rock formations grow. These, along with the lookouts, provide breathtaking views of the hilly countryside.
Cycle trails 015 – Vizovice Hills
On the way through the Wallachian wildlife, we go with the children. The road is difficult but we do not mind that we have to leave the bicycle occasionally because we can enjoy the beautiful views of the ridges of the Hostýn Hills and the peaks of the Moravian-Silesian Beskids. And when we get tired of stony paths and the blood sugar level drops down, we will eat frgál cake.
Cycle trails 014 - Bata's Channel
Despite the fact that today we are going through the main Moravian cycling trail, we tried to find a way that is more pleasant way than racing with electrocyclists going from the kiosk to the kiosk. Whoever is bored can explore functionalism in Otrokovice, enjoy the Bata's Channel or visit the independent film festival in Uherské Hradiště, which takes place in late July. And all the time we can take the Italian ice cream in Hradiste.
Cycle trails 013 - Through the Elbe forest
Elbe country is an arid region where it almost does not rain. A plane where the eye can see and almost no trees. Still, we go on a pilgrimage through a dense forest, where hunted by Rudolf II. As soon as possible, we leave the asphalt cycle route and take the terrain to our favorite forest paths and singletracks.
Cycle trails 012 - Rychleby Mountains
Romantic Cryfish valley with preserved forest, extinct villages, prison camp, biker wilderness and great pub. All this awaits you at the 50 km long cycle trip through the Rychleby Mountains. Nothing for asphalt lovers, this is a ride on beautiful natural trips.
Cycle trails 011 - Zlaté Hory Highlands
Despite the fact that the hills of the Zlaté Hory Highlands are lower than the peaks of the neighboring Hrubý Jeseník, they have a legitimate respect. Riding at the beginning of a half-kilometer elevation is not easy, but the rewards are the prospect of the surrounding hills of the Zlaté Hory Highlands and the Jeseníky Mountains.
Cycle trails 010 - Chřiby Hills
Hilly countryside, deep valleys, dense forests. Even so, there is a cycling paradise in the Moravian Chřiby, which gives you the opportunity to choose between asphalt, well-marked cycling routes and forest paths leading to demanding terrain. Bicyclists and orthodox cyclists will enjoy it.
Cycle trails 009 - Over the fords of Bítýška
Perhaps nowhere else you will find a path where you have to overcome the amount of fords through a creek like in the Bítýška valley. Whoever wanders on the asphalt, but if you do not have a bike from a hypermarket, this round is definitely worth trying.
Cycle trails 008 - Czech Forest
Abandoned hilly countryside full of forests and pastures, a dense net of forest paths with diverse surfaces, well-arranged tourist trails and a minimum of tourists and cyclists, natural attractions and nature trails, all of which predestines this relatively little known part of the country to explore.
Cycle trails 007 - Jizera Mountains
Beautiful mountain nature, granite rock formations, peat bogs, mountain streams, landscapes, wide paths and climbs, which you can reach even with a child in a seat or cart, these are the Jizera Mountains. Today's route is not for lovers of rugged terrain but will please all cyclists and parents with children.
Cycle trails 006 - Central Bohemian Highlands north of Litoměřice
Today we leave Litoměřice with a desolate landscape with conical hills of volcanic origin along wide forest and field through the villages with huge pubs, still uphill and downhill. Whoever does not mind a little effort will be rewarded by the prospect from the lookout tower on Varhošť hill.
Cycle trails 005 - Křemešnice Highlands near Pelhřimov
We will not look at the crematorium because there is none in Pelhrimov. But we will go through the waved landscape around three dams, we will visit the monastery in Želiv and finally we will look at the mixture of building styles in Pelhřimov on the main square. Combination Baroque with Cubism, it will surprise you.
Cycle trails 004 - Over the dams of South Bohemian ponds
Deep forests full of blueberries, wide and comfortable paths around the ponds of Hope, Faith, Love, Deed, Good Will, Delighted and Surprised, the barrage of the huge Rosenberg covered with centuries-old oaks and eventually a small desert in the middle of Europe, it is a route that is made for a family trip.
Cycle trails 003 - Kokořín Country
Sprawling rock formations, deep forests, a good pitch to Houska Castle, scenic timbered trees and good pubs. That's all awaits you on a 42 km long cycle trip to Kokorinsko. The route is so challenging that you have to push the bike. Reward you will have beautiful views, even to Rip.
Cycle trails 002 - Brdy Hills over Plešivec to Kuchyňka
This trip will delight the proficient cyclists and nature lovers as well as geocaching. We invite you to the Brdy hills stretching out tens of kilometers southwest of Prague. Today's route, which we will drive 38 or 56 km, leads through the peaks of Plešivec, Velká Baba and Kuchyňka.
Cycle trails 001 - Prague, Vltava river round
The city of Prague is not only covered with asphalt bike roads along busy highways. We invite you for a 38 km long journey through the beautiful countryside of the czech capital and the surrounding area, where we can take a trip along narrow forest paths and enjoy challenging downhills.